Search Engine Marketing (SEM) | Types of Ads

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SEM stands for Search engine marketing. When we advertise our products or services through search engine, it is called SEM. 

What are the Types of Ads that we can create on Google

There are four types of google ads
1. Search Ads
2. Shopping Ads
3. Display Ads
4. Video Ads

Search Ads

Search ads are those ads which appear in Search engine result page when we search keyword. 
Search ads

Shopping Ads / Product Listing Ads (PLA)

When we search best mobile on Google, in search results it shows ads in which photo of products is given and their price, model number, merchant name is given, these are called Shopping Ads.
These ads are also called Product Listing Ads
Shopping ads

Display Ads

These are banner ads displayed on publisher's websites

Video Ads

Name is self explanatory, these are video ads
We see video ads on you tube
Video ads are of 2 types
1) Skipable ads- you can skip these ads
2) Non Skipable ads- you cannot skip these ads, you have to watch the complete ad. 

Google's solution to Search Engine Marketing is Google Ads

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