Google Search Console guide

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What is the Google search console

Google Search Console is the Google Webmaster Tool

Google search console meaning | Google search console kya hai

All search engines have their webmaster tool, Example- Bing has bing webmaster tool, Google has Google search console webmaster tools. Earlier google search console was known as google webmaster tools.

What does Google search console do

It helps in Monitoring how Google bots are interacting with your website

It helps in Maintaining your website

It helps in Troubleshooting the issues faced by Google bots in crawling your website

If you made a new website, how Google will know that a new website is made, you can submit url of your website in Google search console so that Google bots can crawl your website and index your website

If you added new content on your website, then you can again submit your website's url so that Google bots come again and crawl your website and re-index your website.

Through GSC , you can view Google search traffic data for your website

It gives you alerts / notifications when Google faces crawling issues, indexing issues, spam issues or other issues on your website, so that you can fix those issues 

You can also get some information about backlinks of your site through Google search console.

Login to google search console

You can login to google search console through your Gmail Id.

How to Add your site to Google Search Console

To use GSC, first of all you have to add your website to Google search console 

google search console tutorial

You can add your website by Domain OR URL Prefix 

Url prefix is easy, copy your website's URL and paste and click on continue

If your website is on Blogger, sign in to google search console with the gmail id through which you signed in on blogger, paste url of your website in url prefix section and click on continue, then your website ownership is auto verified (see the screenshot below) 

Google search console HTML Tag

If your website is not on Blogger, then there are 4-5 methods to verify ownership of your website (see the screenshot below), verify your website with HTML tag method

Very easy method is HTML Tag method, you have to copy the HTML code and paste the code in the head section of your website (see screenshot below)

And click on Verify, your website will be verified within 24 hours

If your website is on Blogger, then also you can verify your website through HTML code method

Go to Theme > click on drop down > click on Edit HTML

Find <head> , press enter and paste the code, and save

You can add more than 1 website (Property) in Google Search Console

After verification of your website,

Click on Go to Property > click on Start

Google search console tool dashboard

You will see this Dashboard (see in the screenshot below) , in my screenshot, data is showing, But in your case, you will not see any data because you are adding website for the first time, in your case, it will show Processing data please check in a day or so

In Overview Section, you will see an overview of Performance, Coverage and Enhancements

Google search console Url Inspection tool

Enter the url of your website and url of all the pages of your website to Request for Indexing. 

If you made changes in the website then also submit the url in url inspection, so that google crawlers crawl again and re index your website. 

Whenever you make change in the website, you have to submit the url in url inspection

If you don't submit the url, then how google will know that you made changes in the website, therefore, you have to submit the url, whenever you make changes in the website

If you made change in a page of your website, then you have to submit the Url of that page. 

Google search console Coverage

Coverage option is available in Index section in google search console.
If there is any error in your website, it is shown in coverage section.

What is Sitemap in Google search console

Sitemap is the map of the website, You have to submit sitemap in this section, you have to submit the URL of sitemap in Add a new sitemap section

If your website is on Blogger, then you can submit this URL-

url of website/sitemap.xml
(Add /sitemap.xml after the URL of your website) 

You can also submit Atom Sitemap

URL of website/atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500

(Add /atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500 after the URL of your website)