How to do SEO link building | Off Page SEO Tips

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What is Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO is a part of SEO, In off page SEO, we build authority of our website, we have to create external links of our website.

What are Backlinks and How to create Backlinks and how to do seo link building?

We have to add link of our website on other's websites, these links are called backlinks
Backlinks are of 2 types 
1) No follow Backlinks
2) Do follow backlinks
When we create link of our website on other websites, it builds the trust of our website in the eyes of search engines. And search engines rank our website higher 
So to improve the ranking of our website on SERP (Search Engines Results Pages), doing off page SEO is very important. 

When we search our name on Google, it shows Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn profiles with the name we searched
Because reputation of these websites is high in the eyes of Google. 
To increase our website's reputation we must have to do Off Page SEO. 

We have to create backlinks of our website on the website's which have Higher Domain Authority and Higher Page Authority and Low spam score.

1) No-Follow Backlinks

No follow backlinks does not transfer the authority or link juice, therefore these backlinks does not help in improving Ranking of the website.
We create No follow backlinks by--
1) Article Submissions 
2) By commenting Answers - we can get no follow backlinks by commenting answers of questions on Quora, Brainly, or other similar sites and adding our websites link in between the answers 

2) Do-Follow Backlinks

Do follow backlinks pass the authority or link juice, therefore these backlinks help in improving Ranking of the website 
We create Do follow backlinks by--
1) Guest blog Posting
2) Directory Submissions
3) Image Submissions
4) By Social Bookmarking
5) By Commenting on Blogs

You can get either Do-follow backlink or No follow Backlink By commenting on Blogs, Write a good comment and add your link with Anchor Text
After approval of your comment you will get either Do follow backlink or no follow backlink.

For Do-follow backlink, Anchor Text is - 
<a href="http://www.example.com">Example Anchor Text</a>

For No-follow Backlink, Anchor Text is-
<a href="https://example.com" rel="nofollow">Example Anchor Text </a>

We have to make both Do follow Backlinks and No follow Backlinks, we have to maintain an ideal ratio of minimum 7:3 between Do follow and No follow Backlinks 

It means we have to make 3 No follow backlinks for making 7 Do follow backlinks.

Tips to Create Backlinks

1. Always create Backlinks on High Authoritative sites (those sites which have high DA, PA)
2. Don't create backlinks on those sites which have High Spam Score, if you create backlinks on sites which have high spam score, then spam score of your website will also increase.
3. Create All types of Backlinks (Comment Backlinks, Directory Submission backlinks, profile backlinks, etc), Don't create only one type of backlinks, create all types of backlinks.
4. Don't write same Anchor Text in all the backlinks, if you use same anchor text always then Google will think that these backlinks are created by you, not earned by you.
5. Don't create too many backlinks in a single day, don't create backlinks at very high speed.
6. Always share your blog or website on social media platforms, but don't spam social media platforms. Always add social sharing buttons on your website, so that if people visiting your website likes your content, they can share the post of your website on social media. It gives positive signal to Google, it increases trust of your website in eyes of Google. You will also get backlinks from social media websites. Generally you get no follow backlinks from social media websites.
7. Don't create Reciprocal Backlinks.
8. Don't buy backlinks.

How to do Guest Blog Posting

Search on Google 
Your niche guest blog posting sites
Example- Digital marketing guest blog posting sites
Health guest blog posting sites
Then from search engine result page , select those websites which have high DA and PA
Then open that website > click on submit blog > paste your blog which you have written and add link of your website in between the blog 
And give other details like your name, your email id
And click on Submit
If your request is accepted then your blog (which you submitted) will be posted on that guest blog posting site and you will get a backlink from that site. 

Do the same process with other guest blog posting sites