What is SEO Basics | How to rank first on Google

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Learn Basics of SEO in 2022 for Beginners

In this blog we will learn all the SEO basics in 2022 and advance SEO and How to rank on the first page of Google, How to bring site on first page of google

What is SEO definition

SEO stands for search engine optimization, it means to optimize our website or blog according to the guidelines of search engine to rank higher in search results.

What is seo meaning

In more simple words, doing SEO means to make our website easy for search engines, so that bots of search engines can easily crawl and index our website in the right category and they give higher ranking as reward.

It is a dynamic process as search engines are changing their algorithms frequently.

Learn SEO in Hindi

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is of 3 types

1) On page SEO

2) Off page SEO

3) Technical SEO

Technical SEO is included in on page seo

Why SEO? Advantages of SEO, Benefits of seo

Why seo is important for website?

1. SEO is free, you don't have to pay Google for doing SEO of your website.

SEO results are organic results, organic results are free, you don't have to pay Google for appearing in organic results.

2. If you are running paid ads and you stop running the ad, then your website will disappear from the search engine results page (SERP).

If you stop doing the SEO of your website, your website don't disappear from the search engine results page, your website will maintain its position on SERP for longer time.

3. Search engine optimized websites have good user experience.

4. Websites appearing in organic results have more trust and credibility in the minds of users or searchers.

How Search Engines Works?

Crawling And Indexing

Crawling - The bots / crawler / spider of the search engine visits the website and scans the website and take a snapshot of the website and store it in their database.

Indexing - grouping of websites of similar type at one place. Crawlers of search engine, after crawling (scanning) the website, indexes the website.

How to know that the webpage is crawled or not and when it is crawled last time?? 

Write cache: before the URL of the webpage and search

I will write 
and search 

It will show me that when it is crawled last time
If it shows Error 404, it means that the webpage is not crawled yet by Google crawlers or spiders.

How to do SEO in website

What is on page optimization in seo

What is seo on page

In On page SEO, we correct the internal part of the website 

In Off page SEO, we build authority of the website, we create external links and backlinks of our website, we do Guest blog posting, Article submission, Directory submissions etc

How to do Off Page SEO in 2021

In Technical SEO, we optimize the non text part of the website, we improve the Loading speed of the website, make the website mobile friendly, we improve the security of the website.

How to do SEO optimization

We do SEO optimization with the help of various tools, we can audit the website with these tools and we can fix the errors.

1. SEO site checkup

2. Screaming Frog

3. Small Seo Tools

What is Meta Title and Meta Description in SEO

What does Meta title mean

Meta Title is the title that is indexed by Google. It is the title of the website that appears in Google search results.

How many characters in meta title

Length of SEO title or Meta Title is 60-65 characters.

What is seo Meta Description

Meta description is the description that is indexed by Google. It is the description of the website that appears in Google search results. Length of seo description or Meta Description is 160 words.

How to do on page optimization

In On page SEO, we have to optimize  Meta Title or Seo title and Meta Description or seo description of the website.

How to Do SEO of a website

We have to write keywords in the Title and Description of the website

Write Primary Keyword in the Meta Title

Write Primary and Secondary Keywords in the Meta Description

In the content of the website we can use heading tags <H1> <H2> <H3> <H4> <H5> <H6> according to the priority 

For main heading we have to use <H1> tag, Crawlers of Google give high priority to H1, then H2, then H3, then H4, then H5, then H6

Use H1 tag only once
For sub headings we can use H2 tag

We have to write keywords in headings
Writing keywords is most important for SEO
For writing keyword we have to do keyword research, Learn What is seo keyword research
we have to select the keywords on which we want the website to rank for

Robots.txt -- When we don't want Google to crawl some pages Or we want Google to crawl some pages, we add robots.txt file in our website.

Sitemap -- it is the map of website, blueprint of website, it provides direction to the crawlers. 

It is of 2 types

HTML Sitemap and XML sitemap 

HTML sitemap is for the users.
If the website is very large then we have to add HTML sitemap so that the user easily find what he is searching in the website

XML sitemap is for the Crawlers
If our website have multiple pages and they are not interlinked properly, there may be a chance that some pages may be remained from crawling, so we have to add XML Sitemap, so that every page of the website is crawled. 
It also saves time of the crawler
Crawler does not come to our website for unlimited time, it comes for pre determined time, it has to crawl our website in that time only, this is called CRAWL BUDGET

How to do SEO in Blogger

How to Generate Sitemap

If your website is on Blogger, then you can use Atom Sitemap

Just add /atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500 after url of your website

You can also use xml sitemap

URL of website/sitemap.xml

(Add /sitemap.xml after the URL of your website)



If your website is not on Blogger, then you have to generate your xml sitemap and upload it into the root directory of the website. 
There are some websites which generates xml sitemap, you can generate xml sitemap of your website from there.

xml.sitemaps.com is a famous website for generating sitemaps, you can generate sitemap of your website from this website.

Alternative Text

Alt Text Tag - Crawlers can not read read images, they can only read the alt text, therefore we have to write alt text for all the images in our website, it helps in ranking of images and it can bring traffic on the website, and it is also useful for blind people as they can not see the images, they use screen readers. 
We have to write Primary and secondary keywords in Alt Text
Only write one keyword in alt text for one image.

SEO Friendly URL

Url of the website, and the url of all the web pages must be seo friendly. It helps in SEO and also improve the user experience.

Write Primary Keyword in the URL

How to write SEO friendly URL

1. Use keyword in the URL, Don't use too many keywords in the URL
2. Don't use numbers and special characters in the URL like, @, &, etc
3. All the characters in the URL should be lowercase (means small letters) 
Don't use Capital letters in the URL
4. Keep the URL short
5. Use Hyphen (-) to separate the words in the URL, search engines treats hyphens as space between the words
Don't use underscore (_) to separate the words in the URL, if you use underscore to separate the words, search engines think it is one word.
6. Connect the URL to the title of the webpage so that, By reading the URL, the user can guess the content in the webpage.


Always interlink all the pages of your website with each other, but don't do spamming 
Interlinking is important because if the crawler comes on one page of your website, then from that page the crawler can go on another page of your website, in this way the crawler will crawl your whole website 
If you didn't interlink your pages, then if the crawler come on one page, then it cannot go on another page because there is no interlinking, and the crawler will crawl only that one page, and did not crawl the whole website.
Read more about seo interlinking
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External Linking

Must give external link to at least one high authoritative website.


Always write content to satisfy user intent, if your website's content satisfy users intent, then your website will rank higher in search results.

What is Structured Data

Structured data means presenting the data in the pre decided structured form to the search engines, so that search engines crawlers can easily understand the content of the webpage / website.

Structured Data helps the Google to easily understand the information of the webpage like phone number, address, etc

What is Schema

Schema Data is type of Structured data. There are many types of Schema Data like Article, Breadcrumb, Sitelink Searchbox, Event, FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), QnA (Question and Answer), How to, Local Business, Logo, Movie, Product, Recipe, Review Snippet, Speakable, Video, etc

Google give preference to schema.org type structured data in JSON-LD format. Google likes data in JSON-LD format.
Schema data / Structured data is not a ranking factor.
If we use structured data, then our website can come in knowledge graph, rich results or featured snippets.