How to do SEO Keyword Research | Types of Keywords | LSI Keywords

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In digital marketing, first of all we have to do Keyword Research

We have to create content only on those topics which people search 
If we post content on those topics which people don't search, then, no one will see our content, our website will not appear to them in search results, traffic will not come on our website 
To bring traffic on our website, we have to post content on those topics which people search. 

What is Keyword

What people search on Internet is Keyword.

To know those topics which people search on Internet, we have to do Keyword Research.

What is the Difference Between Query and Keyword? 

Query and Keywords are same, the only difference is - 

From Users point of view, what user searches on Internet is Query.

From Marketeers point of view, what user searches on Internet is Keyword.
This question can be asked in interview.

How to do SEO keyword search?

There are various Tools for Keyword Research

1) Google Keyword Planner
2) Ubersuggest
3) Ahref tool- this is paid tool 
4) Keyword.io
5) Google Trends- From this tool you can know which topics are in trend 

To know what people search on Internet, we have to do keyword research by using these Tools and 
We have to select those keywords on which competition is low and search volume is high

We have to put keywords in the Title and Description of our website or blog to do SEO of our website and blog, this will improve ranking of our website in search results and it will generate traffic on our website. 

Keywords are of 2 types

1) Short tail Keyword— example- Digital marketing, General Knowledge
2) Long tail Keyword— example- Learn Digital Marketing in Hindi, Digital Marketing in Jaipur, General Knowledge in Hindi
As a beginner we have to use long tail keyword

In those fields where competition is high, we have to use long tail keyword
Where competition is low, we can use short tail keyword.

What does LSI mean

LSI means Latest Sementic Indexing.

What are LSI keywords

LSI keywords are Latest Sementic Indexing keywords. LSI Keywords are related keywords or synonyms of the keyword. Always use LSI keywords in the website, it solves the problem of Keyword stuffing, and your website can also rank on related keywords.

Example - Images are also called photos or pictures
If we use the keyword images again and again, Google (Search engines) will think that we are doing keyword stuffing,
If we use photos, pictures with images (instead of using images again and again), it solves the problem of keyword stuffing.

Example - Digital marketing courses, Digital marketing training, Internet marketing courses, Internet marketing training, etc these all are LSI Keywords.

Keyword Density 

How many times we can use a keyword so that Google will not penalise our website 
If we use more keywords, Google will penalise our website site
If our blog is of 200 words we can use target keyword only once and related keyword also once
If blog is of 400 words we can use target keyword twice and related keyword also twice. 
Keyword Density - half to 1 %

How to use Google Keyword Planner

Go to ads.google.com 
Click on get started and sign in with your Gmail Id and password 
Do not add your billing information. If you add your card details you will be able to use keyword planner only after running an ad campaign, so do not add billing information 

I am writing all the steps with screenshots here- Google Keyword Planner without campaign